Department Chemical Engineering , Professor



  • Edificio Fundición. Department Chemical Engineering.
    Lagoas-Marcosende University Campus.
    36310 Vigo (Spain)
  • +34 986 812 197

Diego Moldes is an Associate Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Vigo. He was also a member of the Department of Textile Engineering at the University of Minho (Portugal) and of the Department of Textile and Paper Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya.

His research topics are the use of enzymes for environmental and industrial applications, especially in the paper/wood sector, with the aim of developing new products and more sustainable processes. Within these topics, he has been co-director of 4 PhD thesis, he has been the lead researcher of various projects at national and regional level, as well as various collaboration projects with companies in the above-commented sectors.

Regarding teaching activity, he has taught at various faculties (School of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Faculty of Biology), at different levels (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) in different courses related to Environmental Engineering, Chemistry , Biocatalysis and Biotechnology. On the other hand, he has directed more than 20 BSc/MSc thesis related to the field of environmental engineering and biotechnological applications.