Department Chemical Engineering, Postdoctoral Researcher



  • 2.01 CINTECX Lab,
    Center for Research in Technologies, Energy and Industrial Processes, Lagoas-Marcosende
    36310 Vigo (Pontevedra).
  • +34 986 130 192

Postdoctoral researcher at the Bioengineering and Sustainable Processes group at the University of Vigo. His research focuses on the application of sustainable strategies to improve environmental quality, which combine efficiency and economy in the pursuit of environmental sustainability, including the efficient use of natural resources for the generation of new materials, as well as the production of energy with more low impact and ecological approaches.

Based on this, the lines of research that he develops include the treatment of contaminated water and soils from different approaches that involve biological, physical-chemical and advanced oxidative processes including their combination. Other developed lines involve the revalorization of agroforestry wastes aligned with circular economy principles; the production of metabolites with industrial interest from microorganisms (bacteria, fungi or microalgae); as well as the development of new electrodes and preparation of electrocatalysts in the electrochemistry field.

As result of his research work, he has got more than 55 publications in prestigious international journals, 115 communications to national and international congresses, as well as participation in more than 20 regional, national and European projects. In addition, he also teaches within the Chemical Engineering department where he has also supervised multiple bachelor and master projects.