• Bioengineering & Sustainable Processes

    Design, optimization, iInnovative chemical, biochemical and environmental processes.
  • Enviromental technologies

    Biorremediation, Biobarriers, Electrochemical technologies, Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) and Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA).
  • Biotechnology

    Revaluation of lignin, Enzymatic technologies and production of new metabolites.
  • Green chemistry

    Aqueous Biphasic Systems (ABS), Ionic Liquids.

Our knowledge. Your benefit.

Multidisciplinary research group that joins knowledge and efforts in the development of technologies to be applied in several industrial sectors. The research comprises design, optimisation and innovation in chemical, biochemical and environmental process.

  • Enviromental technologies
  • Biotechnology
  • Green chemistry

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Meet our team

Our team consists of passionate and experienced people,
who love what they do and always look forward to face new challenges.

  • M. A. Sanromán
    PhD. Mª Ángeles Sanromán Braga
  • M. A. Longo
    PhD. Mª Asunción Longo González
  • D. Moldes
    PhD. Diego Moldes Moreira
  • M. Pazos
    PhD. Marta Mª Pazos Currás
  • F.J. Deive
    PhD. Francisco Javier Deive Herva
  • E. Rosales
    PhD. Emilio Rosales Villanueva
  • J. Gómez
    PhD. José Gómez Sieiro
  • M.S. Álvarez
    PhD. María Salomé Álvarez Álvarez
  • C. Fernández-Costas
    María del Carmen Fernández Costas
  • E. Gutiérrez-Arnillas
    Esther Gutiérrez Arnillas
  • A. Díez
    Aida Díez Sarabia
  • L. Morandeira
    Lois Morandeira Conde
  • J. Meijide
    Jéssica Meijide Fernández
  • M. Popescu
    Marius Popescu
  • C. Sandu
    Ciprian Nicolae Sandu
  • D. Martínez Filgueira
    Daniel Martínez Filgueira
  • A. Othman
    Abdelmageed Othman
  • S. Díaz
    Silvia Diaz
  • I. Ouiriemmi
    Imen Ouiriemmi
  • B. Bouzayani
    Bakhta Bouzayani
  • M. Arellano Pardo
    María Arellano Pardo
  • V. Poza Nogueiras
    Verónica Poza Nogueira
  • A. Canabal Abalo
    Ana Canabal Abalo
  • C. Bolaño Losada
    Cristian Bolaño Losada
  • C. González Calvo
    Carlos González Calvo

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    Chemical Engineering Department
    Isaac Newton Building
    Lagoas-Marcosende 36310
    Vigo, Pontevedra, España

    (+34) 986 812 383
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