Electrokinetic-Fenton technology for the remediation of hydrocarbons historically polluted sites

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New sources of halophilic lipases: Isolation of bacteria from Spanish and Turkish saltworks

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Immobilization of laccase on functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotube membranes and application for dye decolorization

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Grapefruit peelings as a promising biosorbent for the removal of leather dyes and hexavalent

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Degradation of thiamethoxam by the synergetic effect between anodic oxidation and Fenton reactions

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New horizons in the enzymatic production of biodiesel using neoteric solvents

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Hierarchical Nanoplatforms for High-Performance Enzyme Biocatalysis under Denaturing Conditions

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A grey box model of glucose fermentation and syntrophic oxidation in microbial fuel cells

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Removal of metal and organic pollutants from wastewater by a sequential selective technique

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Nickel foam a suitable alternative to increase the generation of Fenton's reagents

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Electrocoagulation: Simply a Phase Separation Technology? the Case of Bronopol Compared to Its Treatment by EAOPs

Environmental Science and Technology | E. Bocos, E. Brillas, M. A. Sanromán, I. Sires | 2016

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