Antibiotic contaminated water treated by photo driven advanced oxidation processes: Ultraviolet/H2O2 vs ultraviolet/peracetic acid

Journal of Cleaner Production | L. Rizzo, G. Lofrano, C. Gago, T. Bredneva, P. Iannece, M. Pazos, N. Krasnogorskaya, M. Carotenuto | 2018

Comprehensive strategy for the degradation of anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac by different advanced oxidation processes

Separation and Purification Technology | E. Rosales, S. Díaz, M. Pazos, M. A. Sanromán | 2018

Highly active based iron-carbonaceous cathodes for heterogeneous electro-Fenton process: Application to degradation of parabens

Process Safety and Environmental Protection | E. Rosales, G. Buftia, M. Pazos, G. Lazar, M. A. Sanromán | 2018

Kaolinite adsorption-regeneration system for dyestuff treatment by Fenton based processes

Science of the Total Environment | E. Rosales, D. Anasie, M. Pazos, I. Lazar, M. A. Sanromán | 2018

Current advances and trends in electro-Fenton process using heterogeneous catalysts – A review

Chemosphere | V. Poza-Nogueiras, E. Rosales, M. Pazos, M. A. Sanromán | 2018

Heterogeneous electro-Fenton as plausible technology for the degradation of imidazolinium-based ionic liquids

Chemosphere | V. Poza-Nogueiras, M. Arellano, E. Rosales, M. Pazos, E. González-Romero, M. A. Sanromán | 2018

Evaluation of different cathodes and reaction parameters on the enhancement of the electro-Fenton process

Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry | M. Popescu, C. Sandu , E. Rosales, M. Pazos, G. Lazar, M. A. Sanromán | 2018

Comprehensive solution for acetamiprid degradation: Combined electro-Fenton and adsorption process

Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry | J. Meijide, S. Rodríguez, M. A. Sanromán, M. Pazos | 2018

Green Binder Based on Enzymatically Polymerized Eucalypt Kraft Lignin for Fiberboard Manufacturing: A Preliminary Study

Polymers | S. Gouveia, L.A. Otero, C. Fernández-Costas, D. Filgueira, M. A. Sanromán, D. Moldes | 2018

3D printable filaments made of biobased polyethylene biocomposites

Polymers | D. Filgueira, S. Holmen , J.K. Melbø, D. Moldes, A.T. Echtermeyer , G. Chinga-Carrasco | 2018

Salting out potential of cholinium dihydrogen citrate in aqueous solution of Triton surfactants

Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics | N. Escudero, L. Morandeira , M. A. Sanromán, F.J. Deive, A. Rodríguez | 2018

Fenton-based processes for the regeneration of catalytic adsorbents

Catalysis Today | A. M. Díez, M. A. Sanromán, M. Pazos | 2018

Optimization of photo-Fenton process for the treatment of prednisolone

Environmental Science and Pollution Research | A. M. Díez, A. S. Ribeiro, M. A. Sanromán, M. Pazos | 2018

A step forward in heterogeneous photocatalysis: Process intensification by using a static mixer as catalyst support

Chemical Engineering Journal | A. M. Díez, F.C. Moreira , B.A. Marinho , J.C.A. Espíndola, L.O. Paulista, M. A. Sanromán, M. Pazos, R.A.R. Boaventura , V.J.P. Vilar | 2018

Demonstrating the viability of halolipase production at a mechanically stirred tank biological reactor

Bioresource Technology | S. Colangiuli, A. Rodríguez, M. A. Sanromán, F.J. Deive | 2018

Electro-Fenton process for implementation of acid black liquor waste treatment

Science of the Total Environment | G. Buftia, E. Rosales, M. Pazos, G. Lazar, M. A. Sanromán | 2018

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