Lines of research

The research of our team focuses on three main lines:


  • Biorremediation: Development of biotechnological processes for industrial wastewater treatments (textil, tanneries, forestry, etc.).
  • Biobarriers: in situ biological permeable reactive barriers focused on groundwater decontamination.
  • Electrochemical technologies: Development of electrokinetics for effluents and soil polluted with heavy metals and organic compounds recovery.
  • Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC): development of microbial fuel cells based on the knowledge as an alternative solution for low energy consumption applications.
  • Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA): assessment the environmental aspects and potential impacts associated with a product, compiling an inventory of relevant energy and material inputs and environmental releases and evaluating the potential environmental impacts associated with identified inputs and releases.


  • Revaluation of lignin: Production from paper pulp residues, characterization, modification and enzymatic polymerization. Study of the application of the products obtained after enzymatic treatment as a fungicide, as an adhesive for wood panels, as adsorbent ...
  • Enzymatic technologies and production of new metabolites: production, characterization, immobilization and application of enzymes.


  • Aqueous Biphasic Systems (ABS).
  • Ionic Liquids.